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October 17th, 2015 For the




Everything to get you started is right here! Feel free to download any of the forms below to speed your progress! We are looking forward to having you!



Parents, Teachers, Friends, Relatives and neighbors may place an inspirational / "Good Luck" AD for their participating Band Member. Just download the form below and mail in your check with the associated fee. Deadline is September 18, 2015.

Businesses, you may use this form as well and send in your AD copy or business card with your check.
Entry form will be available after August 9th, 2015 

*2015 Entry Form*

Ad Sheet for 2014

Parade Line Up - 2014

Parade Rules - 2014

REVISED 2014 Field Show Line Up

Parade Route (Standing)

Field Rules - 2014

VBR Penalties - 2014


2014 Judges Bios


Parade Rubics & Judging Sheets

VBR- Drum Major

VBR - General Effect - Showmanship

VBR - ID Letters

VBR - Majorette

VBR - Marching

VBR - Music I

VBR - Music II

VBR - Percussion

Field Rubics & Judging Sheets

VBR Field - GE Music

VBR Field - GE Visual

VBR Field - Guard

VBR Field - Visual

VBR Field - Music I

VBR Field - Music II

VBR Field - Percussion


To order additional programs or programs from previous years, please fill out the form below. Postage will be added to you order.

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